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Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician Salary

Are you interested in a career as a medical laboratory technician? If you are, it is important to know about the educational requirements of the job, what the job consists of and what the job conditions are like, and, of course, the salary associated with this field.

To begin, the good news is that this field is considered to be a field with excellent opportunities for employment. It is most likely that the job would be at a hospital. The job of a medical laboratory technician is to treat, detect, and also to diagnose different types of conditions and diseases. They spend a good deal of their time examining cells and also analyzing body fluids.

They are looking for different microorganisms that could be present, they test the drug levels that are in the patient’s blood, and they also are responsible in some cases for matching blood for transfusions. A medical laboratory technician must be able to use lab equipment including items such as cell counters and microscopes.read review here!

They also will utilize computerized instruments that are able to run a number of tests. Once they have examined a specimen, they will be able to analyze the results of it and then pass on the results to the patient’s doctor. Because there have been more technological advances in terms of computers, technicians now have to be more analytical rather than as hands-on as they once were. The difficulty of the assignments and tests that they have to be in charge of will depend on the amount of education that has been acquired as well as their experience in the field.

A laboratory technician will complete tests and procedures that are not quite as complex as those that are able to be performed by the laboratory technologists. Typically a clinical technician will be working with supervision from clinical lab technologists or managers in the laboratory. Some of the technicians may have a particular specialty, such as a phlebotomist which collects the blood samples. A histotechnician is another type of specialty that focuses solely on specimens of cut and stain tissue.

If you are a medical laboratory technician, you will be trained so that you can work with specimens that are infectious. There are not many hazards when you use the proper sterilization as well as appropriate infection control. This means that you will probably be wearing goggles, gloves, protective masks, and a lab coat to stay safe. You can expect that you will probably be on your feet a lot.

Medical laboratory technicians will work all different shifts. Some work in the day, some work evenings, and even some will work the overnight shift. Some are also needed to work on the weekends.

Now you would probably like to know about the education and training that are necessary for a job as a medical laboratory technician. Typically you will be required to have a major in a life science, preferably in medical technology. Yet it is also possible in some cases to get a job if you have some college education as well as some training that has been specialized and on the job. The bachelor’s degree programs will involve classes in microbiology, in statistics, in math, in the biological sciences, as well as classes that are specific to this job.

Check with your state for specific requirements, as some states do require those who work in laboratories to be licensed or else registered. This may mean that you need a bachelor’s degree as well as having passed an exam. As a medical laboratory technician, you should pay attention to detail. You need to be a good problem solver. You will need to have very good fine motor skills and having a normal color vision is necessary.see page for more tips.

It is also beneficial to have good skills with the computer.

If you are currently a technician, you will be able to become a technologist if you continue with your education and you get more experience. You can also move forward into a position in which you are supervising. If you choose to go on and get a graduate degree in the field of medical technology or you get a professional certification in management, chemistry, or another biological science, you should be able to move forward into a higher skilled job. If you have a doctorate degree, then you will be able to become a director of a laboratory.

Medical Laboratory Technician

So now let us talk about job opportunities in this field and the rate of pay for medical laboratory technicians. The good news is that the field is very desirable at this time. The field is expected to remain excellent in terms of the job opportunities that are available. In addition, the pay for medical laboratory technicians is around $50,000 a year as the median amount.see http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/hospital-machines-lie-defunct-courtesy-technicians-shortage/160125.html for more info. There are many opportunities for employment in this field. You may find a job working in a doctor’s office, in a college, in a laboratory, in a hospital, or even in the federal executive branch.

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