22 Nov
Nurse Salary

School Nurse Salary Vs Average Nurse Salary

A School Nurse Salary is going to be determined by a level of experience and the cost of living in the area. An average nurse salary is going to be different because many school nurses do not need to work during the summer. Obtaining a higher level of education or certifications will also increase pay.

The Average Nurse Salary is $65,000 per year while the average for a School Nurse Salary is $44,000. An important factor in this difference is that school nurses will often not have to work during the summer or on school holidays. The work conditions in a school are also different from those experienced in a hospital.check this site here!

There are also positions available for substitute school nurses. Substitute positions are normally paid hourly and at lower levels than the average nurse salary. Pay will be determined by the school, and normally ranges from $10-22.

Many nurses enjoy having their summers off from work. The time off is the same as children which can be great for those that want to spend more time with them. Others choose to use this time for a second job that can make up for the difference in salary.

Large schools are going to have different working environments than smaller schools. More children can mean a higher workload and faster pace to the days. A smaller school can result in fewer students being attended to.

The level of experience a nurse has will also impact the average nurse salary. With more experience, the school nurse salary will be higher. In many cases, the teachers union or nurses union will have a contract for predetermined salary increases.

The cost of living in the area has a large role in determining average nurse salary. In a city or popular suburb, the nurse salary will be higher than in rural areas. Housing and other needs should be taken into consideration when comparing salaries.see more details at http://houston.culturemap.com/news/innovation/11-19-15-good-news-for-health-professionals-houston-ranked-as-the-nations-best-city-for-registered-nurses/

Nurse Salary

Obtaining a higher level of education will increase the School Nurse Salary. There are certifications available that are often tied to predetermined pay raises. A master’s degree will also increase the nurse salary.

Taking into account, all the differences among nurse salaries is important for making decisions. Time off and the working conditions of a school nurse are desirable benefits for many people. Taking everything into consideration will allow a person to decide if they will be happy with a School Nurse Salary.

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